Laurence Geoffrey’s, Ltd. is very proud to partner with SongEun ArtSpace, a non-commercial exhibition venue in the heart of the vibrant ChungDam District in southern Seoul. Our roles and responsibilities include overall artistic direction, logistics, and budget planning for the exhibition program in addition to managing the SongEun ArtAward and SongEun ArtCube.
• SongEun ArtSpace
Established by the SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation, the new space opened in November 2010 and is dedicated to promoting contemporary art and, in particular, to supporting young Korean artists. In addition, SongEun ArtSpace aims to play a vital role in the growth of the contemporary art scene by debuting prominent foreign artists in Korea.

This free-standing building houses non-commercial exhibition spaces on the second, third, and fourth levels, with a restaurant on the ground level and S.Atrium as a multi-functional event hall below. To provide the public with better access to contemporary art, all exhibitions and lectures are free of charge.
• SongEun ArtAward
The SongEun ArtAward was established in 2001 to support and award Korean contemporary artists through a fair and transparent evaluation process every year. To date, this award is one of the most influential art prizes domestically and is recognized for discovering new talented artists.

After the 10th SongEun ArtAwards, from 2011 the SongEun ArtAward was greatly modified with the purpose of better supporting and promoting emerging Korean artists. Under the new selection process, only 4 artists are selected on the shortlist and each finalist is equally awarded the same cash prize of KRW 10,000,000. Each artist is able to show a body of works in one of the four exhibition spaces and before the end of the group exhibition, one artist will be selected as the Grand Winner and given the opportunity for a solo exhibition within 2 years at the SongEun ArtSpace.
• SongEun ArtCube
SongEun Art Cube, formally known as SongEun Gallery, was established by the SongEun Art & Cultural Foundation in 2002, as a nonprofit art space within the SAMTAN office building. The aim of this program is to encourage the creative pulse of very young up and coming artists and to expand the opportunities for the public to experience and appreciate the new directions and developments in the contemporary art scene. SongEun ArtCube annually selects eight young undiscovered talents and supports them by providing them with an exhibition venue and catalog.
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