Permanent Installation of International Sculpture Garden
Organized by
Sponsored by

From May 22nd, 2003
May 22th, 2003 at the Namsan Par
Namsan Park (in front of the fountain) & Peace Park (in front of the World Cup Stadium)
The Embassy of Switzerland, Korea & Laurence Geoffrey’s, Ltd.
ABB, Balzers, Clariant, Darling Art Foundation, Design House, Grand Hyatt Seoul, Merck, Nestle, Novartis, SGS, Sulzer, Swatch, Swiss Re, Syngenta, Tong-In, UBS
Production of 2 sets of 25 benches designed by 10 Swiss Artists and 15 Korean Artists; a total of 50 art benches were donated to Seoul City by Swiss Embassy in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Swiss participation in the NNSC
손으로 느끼는 삶
Bronze, 368 x 192 x 65㎝
Corten Steel, height : 10m
허버트스 본 데 고르츠
Steel, height : 6m
존 그릴
Bronze, length : 2m
크리스챤 헤덱
두개의 불기둥
Acrylic columns
aargon& neon light tubes
height : 6m
로버트 로스터마이어
Bronze, height : 2.8m
에드워드 소테
손으로 만든 손
Steel & traditional
Korean roof tiles
2.5x 3 x 5m
빌 우드로
Bronze, height : 4.7m
Given the rapid development of Seoul, there has been a severe lack of space available for public parks. Increasingly aware of this urgent need, the government has set out to reclaim land throughout the city in attempts to reverse this unfortunate trend. One such project has involved the transformation of a golf course once used by US Eight Army into the Yongasan Family Park which opened in 1992.

To further enhance the environment of the family park this international sculpture garden project was initiated. The nine sculptures in the collection were produced by artists representing seven countries: Korea, France, Switzerland, Germany, England, the United States and Canada. Each work was specifically selected to appeal to families and children to expose the greater public to the rich diversity in art and artistic statement.

This is a landmark event in that it is the first time private corporations and embassies in Korea have created a fund for the permanent installation of art in a public space. All the sculptures have been donated to the Seoul Metropolitan City on September 20th, 2001. Needless to say, this project would not have been possible without the creative endeavors of the artists, the generous contribution of the sponsors, the unwavering support of the Embassies and the willing cooperation of the Seoul Metropolitan City.