2006 CGV Video Art Festival
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September 1st - 30th, 2006
Nationwide CGV Movie Theaters in Korea
CJ CGV, Laurence Geoffrey's, Ltd.
Design Jungle
Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Korea
Alternative Space LOOP
Chang, Gie-Hee_Han, Kye-Ryoon_Lee, Jong-Suk_Lee, Yong-Baek,_Mioon (Moon Choi + Min Kim)_Park, June-Bum_ Roh, Hyun-Tark_Ryu, Ho-Yeol
Roh, Hyun-Tark
Organic Body 2006
Ryu, Ho-Yeol
Ryu, Ho-Yeol
Park, June-Bum
Puzzle 3
Park, June-Bum
The Wrecker
Lee, Yong-Baek
Lee, Jong Suk
Chang, Gie-Hee
3 Yeux
Han, Kye-Ryoon
CJ CGV and Laurence Geoffrey's, Ltd co-host the first of its kind public art project titled "2006 Video Art Festival - 10 Art Videos by 8 Korean Artists". Each video art film is 30 seconds in length and has been specially created for this project. The main purpose is to expose the general public to a variety of art videos and to promote Korean artists worldwide.

The first viewing of the films will take place in CGV theaters, the largest multiplex theater network in Korea, just before each feature film begins. The festival will continue throughout the entire month of September 2006. In addition, approximately 10,000 DVDs with all the video clips and information about the artists will be distributed to major contemporary art institutions worldwide.

We hope you have an opportunity to view the videos and will be inspired by this "out of the ordinary" and dynamic public art project.

The art videos are also on show both on CGV and Laurence Geoffrey’s website through the festival period. Please click the visual images above and check the information about artists, showing schedule.